Silent generator

Silent generator:

The lesser noise output is not achieved simply by surrounding a standard open generator with a case. Much of the increased sound output results from inefficient components. Silent generators are built from better engines that run more smoothly, producing less noise and vibration. As such, their advantages range far beyond simply running more silently.

The need for continuous power grows more ubiquitous each year, bringing an increasing array of challenges with its delivery. Generators are a key tool in providing uninterrupted and reliable electricity, but their noise and other emissions make them impractical or entirely unsuitable in some environments. Fortunately, silenced diesel generators exist which offer the needed energy without the undesirable noise.

With the introduction of a silent generator, diesel power becomes an acceptable choice in environments where it may have been previously impractical. Offices and data centers can provide emergency backup power without creating an inhospitable work environment. Hospitals can keep vital infrastructure operational without disturbing patients or doctors. Lesser noise output lets operations for whom continuous power is critical be based in residential areas, and in other locations where sound volumes may be more heavily restricted.